Calling All Adventure Lovers!

Only FIVE days left ’til the Biggest, Baddest Bucket List competition closes!

The prospect of winning an all-expenses-paid trip around the world is AMAZING, but I didn’t enter just for me. I truly want to share the experience with all of you, entertaining and (hopefully) inspiring you along the way. Just imagine all the great stories and videos that could be created in six months of travel across six continents.

To get a taste of my unique perspective on travel, check out my video about Bangladesh. If you find yourself smiling while watching it, please vote for me!

#mybbb_angelajacobus Here’s how to vote:

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Remember, only five days left to vote!



UPDATE: Help Me Win a Trip Around the World


Go to the contest page:, then scroll down to the green box next to my video and VOTE FOR ME using one or all of the “share” buttons there. You must vote from the green box or it won’t register. If you have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest, you can vote FIVE times! See how easy that was? Now, please spread the word! And thank you SO MUCH for your support.

My Year in Photos

Well, I was planning to do it anyway, so when I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures, I couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

2012 started with a month-long escape from the bitter cold of Korea to the warmth and beauty of SouthEast Asia. Malaysia, Thailand and Laos, to be exact.

After an amazing month traveling, it was time to go back to Jeju and enjoy my last few weeks before moving away from Korea.

Next, I spent a week traveling solo in Japan and saw some truly amazing things!

I then escaped the bitter cold of Japan and headed back to Thailand for six weeks–four of which were spent getting my CELTA certification. Somehow, I still managed to fit in plenty of fun.


Finally, it was time to head home to America to see my family and friends and take care of some business … like emptying out my storage unit after four years.

It took the better part of a week to sort through and sell or donate everything. Ugh. Never again.

After a month back in the States, it was time to head off on my next adventure … a year in Bangladesh.

Oh 2012! What a year it was! Let’s see what 2013 has in store.

Happy New Year!

Merry Muslim Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve here in Bangladesh, but if it weren’t for my calendar and my Internet connection, I would have no idea. Makes me laugh about the post I shared last year from Korea titled “Christmas Without Christmas.” Wow. If that was Christmas without Christmas, I don’t know what to call my experience this year.

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Unlike last year, I have avoided listening to Christmas music because I was afraid it would just make me sad. This year, in addition to missing all the lights and decorations and festivities that are synonymous with the holiday season back home, I’m really missing the childlike anticipation I always felt—even as an adult—about waking up Christmas morning and seeing the tree and enjoying a special day with my family.

Luckily, I was able to change my teaching schedule so I’ll be available to Skype with my loved ones on their Christmas, which is really when Christmas is happening for me, anyway.

And, if I do start feeling depressed, I remind myself that I’m relieved I don’t have to deal with all the commercialism associated with the holidays and all the pressure people put on themselves to bake the perfect cookie or give the perfect gift or host the perfect party.

I imagine my students sitting with my family on Christmas morning and seeing all the presents and all the food. Heck, just seeing the house itself would blow their minds!

As I write this, I realize that I have spent so much of my time here feeling lonely and isolated that I have forgotten to be thankful. This Christmas, again, I remind myself that generosity, goodwill and gratitude are the most important aspects of this season to me, and that here in Bangladesh, I have so many opportunities to practice all three.

So on that note, I’m going to listen to The Nutcracker Suite by Duke Ellington and play with the five puppies we have in the house … because nothing says Christmas like The Nutcracker and puppies … at least not in Bangladesh!



UPDATE: After I posted this, we drove around Jessore in search of some holiday lights. The first stop at the Catholic church yielded only a small nativity scene. There was, however, a field full of fireflies next to the church, which made me really happy. (God’s Christmas lights perhaps?) Our second and final stop at the Baptist church delivered a pretty good attempt (see below). Incidentally, when Bangladeshi couples get married, they cover their homes with lights–which put this Christmas display to shame.Christmas Lights Bangladesh

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The World in Five Colors

Travel Supermarket is hosting a supercool photo contest. The mission is to write a blog post featuring five photos that capture five colors: Blue, green, yellow, white and red.

I’ve been scanning the latest submissions and, wow, there are SO MANY talented photographers out there. It’s pretty intimidating. The judges said they’re looking for originality, something unusual, something that tells a story, something clever. Well, I don’t know if I have succeeded, but at least I have tried. Continue reading