Challenge List

I challenge you to join me for 30 days.

The tasks below are a product of my imagination. They’re intended to be easy enough to fit into a busy schedule, yet meaningful enough to impact your daily perspective on life. Invite your friends and family to take the challenge with you.  Share your experiences here. Or just click on each day’s link to read about mine. No matter what, it’ll be fun and valuable, too!

I took the challenge in May 2011, but you can participate whenever you want.

Day 1: Write down your biggest regret. Now, burn it.

Day 2: Avoid the news.

Day 3: Google for knowledge. A friend of mine used this phrase and I loved it.  When we’re not using the internet for work, we’re probably using it for entertainment. Today, use it to learn something new. Search for the answer to something you’ve always wondered about.

Day 4: Think like the opposite sex.

Day 5: Sing at the top of your lungs.

Day 6: Watch a classic movie you’ve never seen.

Day 7: Take a 24-hour break from all social media.

Day 8: Do something playful. Go on a swing. Do somersaults. Spin in circles.

Day 9:  Write a poem.

Day 10: Be kind to a stranger.

Day 11: Eat only healthy food.

Day 12: Eat ANYTHING you want.

Day 13: Take a detour.

Day 14: Step out of your comfort zone. You can go big, like sky diving for the first time, or simple, like eating at a restaurant alone. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s something you wouldn’t normally do and it scares you a little (or a lot).

Day 15: Sit quietly in nature. Whether it’s under a tree in your local park, at the beach, on a desert road, or in the mountains, find a spot where you can truly connect with mother earth.

Day 16: Write down your happiest memory. If you’d like, share it with the people involved. For extra impact, snail mail it to yourself.

Day 17: Watch a documentary.

Day 18: Share every compliment that comes into your head.

Day 19: Go to the library.

Day 20: Create something.

Day 21: Wear something that makes you feel attractive. If you don’t own anything like this, go buy it!

Day 22: Check out some art. Step inside that gallery you pass every day. Go to a museum. Appreciate graffiti.

Day 23: Schedule a massage.

Day 24: De-clutter. Find at least five possessions you don’t need and get rid of them.

Day 25: Research a foreign country. Think of that exotic place you’ve always wanted to visit. Do you even know how to say hello in their language? Today is your day to find out. Extra credit: Buy a plane ticket there!

Day 26: Watch the sunrise.

Day 27: Make a playlist of at least 10 songs that always make you smile.

Day 28: Volunteer.

Day 29: Give/send someone flowers.

Day 30: Tell me about your favorite experience during the challenge. And if you’re up for a REAL challenge, see how many of the month’s tasks you can accomplish in a single day. Then, smile big and take a self-portrait.

And just for fun, take a second and answer this question:


9 thoughts on “Challenge List

  1. Love, love, LOVE this 30-day challenge!! It’s all about focusing forward, and creating positive change. You know I’m a huge fan. =) I’m also a HUGE fan of you starting your blog. xox

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