Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This week’s photo challenge from the the Daily Post, focuses on urban photography. From the challenge description:

“Unlike the photoshopped pictures to which we are accustomed nowadays, urban photography presents a more direct, unaltered view of life. It is about documenting urban living space and how people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa. Urban photography shots provide cultural, social, economical, and ecological context all at once, and can capture social tension.”

Well, ok. I’d say this is the perfect opportunity to share some shots of my new city.

Jessore is incredibly vibrant and interesting. Everywhere I look, the camera in my head sees amazing photos. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to capture them on the camera in my hands.

Like this rickshaw driver — just chilling out, having a smoke, counting his cash.

These men caught my eye, so I stopped and asked if I could take a photo. The man on the right gave me that ambiguous head motion that’s so popular in this part of the world. Was that a “no” shake or a “yes” nod? I couldn’t tell, so I asked again. Apparently, it was a “yes.”

The other day, the office assistant and I were riding in a rickshaw after one of my diet coke excursions. He noticed the empty ice cream wrapper in my hand and told me to throw it in the street. (I refused.) I wonder if the cows would have liked it.

Yes, Jessore is far from pristine, but it’s still an incredibly photogenic city. To see more, check out this gallery.


41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

    • What a compliment! Thank you. I have recently considered it, but it’s so intimidating. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion! Also … I just looked at your blog and I’m super interested in reading more about YOUR experiences and checking out your photos!

        • Thank you! And thank you for asking about Microstock because it made me realize that I wasn’t exactly sure. I assumed it was one of the big stock photography companies that are SUPER picky about the photos they accept. After your question, I searched for Microstock and found out it’s a site that’s supposed to be much more accessible to both photographers and buyers, so I’ll be looking into it some more. So thanks to both of you! 🙂

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  2. Before I could even post a comment, know that I enlarged every single spectacular photo here. Then, I went and chatted with Amy about the photos I’d just seen, and what they really represented. Now, I’m back to comment… killing time…because I’m still at a loss for words. =) Great captures. Each makes you think, “I’ve thought I had it tough?”. Hope your finger is healing from the kitty-cat bite. xo

  3. What a garden spot! It appears the steaks would be real lean, from the look of the cattle. YoM and I have been to some pretty basic places (parts of India and the P.I.), but nothing to compare with what you’ve captured here. Factor in that our travels to the aforementioned places occurred nearly 30 years ago and there is absolutely no comparison. We are still trying to get our minds around a 5 star resort in this part of the world. Obviously, your photos have evoked an emotional response. My heart is shouting, “Come home!”

    • Ohhh. Daddy. I’m really ok. And it’s really not that bad. The area where the resort will be is quite beautiful. I imagine it will be a great oasis where Westerners can enjoy the comforts of home but still have an authentic cultural experience with the local villagers. That’s what I hope, at least.

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  5. What a great series of images; the comment from your father (?) amused me a bit, because it is so normal for our loved ones to worry about us when we’re far away. We grow most when we face difficult hurdles and become stronger people because of those experiences. It also helps understand the many facets of our planet and its cultures.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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