The World in Five Colors

Travel Supermarket is hosting a supercool photo contest. The mission is to write a blog post featuring five photos that capture five colors: Blue, green, yellow, white and red.

I’ve been scanning the latest submissions and, wow, there are SO MANY talented photographers out there. It’s pretty intimidating. The judges said they’re looking for originality, something unusual, something that tells a story, something clever. Well, I don’t know if I have succeeded, but at least I have tried.


Wandering around the borro bajar (big market) in Jessore, Bangladesh, I was drawn to this blue wall of shoes. I motioned to the shopkeeper, who was standing in the road, and pointed to my camera — my way of asking permission to take a photo. He nodded and hurried to his chair so he could be part of the shot. Seriously, nowhere in the world do people love having their photos taken so much.


Capturing this sweet moment on a lush, tree-lined village road might qualify as a miracle. In Bangladesh, when village children see a camera, they start running toward it. Within seconds, two children turn into twenty, all crowding around so closely you can’t fit them all in the shot. The crowd pushes and poses, poses and pushes, until the photo is taken. Then the kids rush to see the image on the LCD screen, giggle like crazy, then run back to pose again. It’s hilarious and priceless. These two girls, though, were different. They saw me and my camera, but they didn’t stop to pose. Although they did look back over their shoulders about every five seconds. Just long enough for me to snap this shot.


That yellow building in the background is the national symbol of Laos, Pha That Luang (a.k.a., Golden Temple). Given its important status, I imagine it’s been photographed a gazillion times. I, too, took the requisite shots of the temple in all its glory, but sometimes it’s nice to stop and focus on the overlooked details as well.


This photo is proof that beauty is everywhere on Jeju Island. I lived on the tiny island in South Korea for two years, and every day something made me stop and think, “That’s beautiful!” Last summer, my parents came to visit. One day, we took a walk from my apartment to see the nearby waterfalls and passed a little pond along the way. When we saw the frogs and lillies doing so perfectly what frogs and lillies do, we just had to stop and snap some pics.

It was a cold, cold day at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto. Definitely not one of those days you want to be outside for a long time, but there was something in the air besides the cold that made me linger a little longer. I just had a feeling something cool was going to happen — and it did! A traditional Japanese wedding procession passed right before my eyes. What an amazing sight to see on my first day in the city. P.S I LOVE that red umbrella … almost as much as the bride’s crazy hat.

Per the rules of the contest, I must now nominate five fellow bloggers to take the challenge and share their photos by Aug. 29.

And the nominees are …


Miljo Anne

Wind Against Current 

Cee’s Life


Good luck everyone! And wish me luck, too!

28 thoughts on “The World in Five Colors

  1. Angela, the photos are so beautiful. Great job. Don’t underestimate your abilities. Now do I go somewhere to vote for you?

  2. I thought the selection of the photos was excellent for the challenge. The variety of subject matter and the differing locations added to the interest. I hope the quality of your photography gains the recognition it deserves. Good luck!

  3. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! <3<3<3<3<3 <— one for each of the photos I LOVED. Much success, great job!!

  4. I love your YELLOW example.
    Especially how you use golden temple, that may be the main subject for most people, as a back ground.
    That is pretty cool approach.

  5. Thanks for the nomination to join. I actually entered in this contest. I didn’t know how to do the photos at that time but yours are awesome.. Here’s my link.. I may try to go back and edit the photos larger. Again thanks.

  6. Lovely photos! I like especially the frog and lily one. And thanks so much for the nomination 🙂 We’ve actually already received one—which doesn’t diminish yours one bit!—so we are most definitely having a go at this…

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      • I sure did like them. Actually I was mesmerized with the pic! It should be on the pages or cover of a magazine no kidding. The blue pic of the shoes is incredible too. How I imagine myself staring all at those options ha ha. You have a great eye.

        Photo ops abound, it’s just that it takes a great photographer to spot then and save them forever 😉

        Yes please go through my pics and let me know which ones you like.

        El Salvador isn’t all that bad! It has some incredible places that just take your breath away. It may be small in size but people are so warm and welcoming.

        I discover new places with every visit.

        If you are on Twitter you can tag all your photos with #photography & #togs hashtags as well as #travel

        Keep up the great work and TTYS *Talk to you soon!*


        Kay 🙂

        • Ahh. Thanks for the tip about Twitter. I recently got an account, but I’m still figuring out how to use it. And thank you so much for saying such nice things! It’s lovely and encouraging to hear from someone who isn’t my family or long-time friend. 🙂 And I’ll be looking at/commenting on your photos soon!

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