Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Bangladesh is kaleidoscopic. Everywhere you look, there are vibrant buildings, trucks, rickshaws, clothing, shoes, jewelry in every color of the rainbow … except purple.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s some purple. But yellow, blue, red and orange really seem to steal the show around here. So this week’s photo challenge was, well, challenging.

For lack of a beautiful purple subject to capture, I decided to photograph something near and dear to me: My backpack.

This little guy has traveled all over the world with me, holding my most valuable possessions and travel essentials (camera, laptop, iPod, e-reader, purse). It weighs a ton but still fits under an airplane seat. It’s purple perfection. Except for once in Thailand. If you want to laugh at me, read this story.

Your eyes are not mistaken. The brand name is THE REDFACE. Korea’s ripoff of North Face.

And just for fun, here’s my take on a very popular purple picture subject:

Isn’t nature’s beauty astounding? Photo taken in April 2012 on the Oregon coast.


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