Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


When I saw this Post a Day challenge, I started brainstorming. Maybe a shot taken from inside my mosquito net would be cool? But I decided this photo captures my current feelings about “inside” better than anything else I could think up.

At first glance, it might look like the boys are locked in, trying to get out, but actually, it’s the opposite. Everyday during my lunch break, I lock myself inside my classroom in an attempt to get a few moments of much-needed privacy. On this day, my attempt was futile, so I gave up on eating and picked up my camera to capture the crazy, silly boys in action.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Love it. =) To them, I’m sure you look like an angel….and they don’t want to miss a MOMENT of what you might be doing.

    • Neither, actually. They just wanted to hang out inside and observe/stare at me, but I was trying to eat lunch, so I locked the doors … except that didn’t stop them. They headed for the windows. I thought their persistence was funny so I got my camera out, and that’s when they really started hamming it up. Climbing on the windows. Saying, “Madame. Picture.” Bangladeshis LOVE to have their photos taken, but whenever they pose, they don’t smile. I’ve been trying REALLY hard to get people to smile in photos, but most of the time, they put on a serious face for the photo then start smiling once it’s done.

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    • Thanks! I’ve been trying to check out your photo site, but the internet in Bangladesh is not so good. But I could see that you’ve captured some great stuff! I’ll try to look some more.

    • I enjoyed your interpretation, too! I’ll have to add the Daibutsu to my “to see” list. I’ve viewed lots and lots of Buddhas, from tiny to enormous, but I’ve never been able to go inside the actual statue. How cool!

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