ESL Students Say the Darndest Things

For the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been learning about my future students and preparing for the day when we finally start English classes. Currently, about 80 of the local villagers are hoping to become future employees of Panigram Resort. Because the ability to speak English is a requirement for employment, we’re offering free English lessons to the candidates. To get an idea of their English ability, I looked through their applications.

Most of them had zero English skills. Some of them wrote quite well. Others, bless their hearts, did not.

For example, several applicants made it clear that “tooth and honesty” were very important to them.

One man explained, “I am student. I will kil him. healt am important.”

And a lovely woman disclosed, “I like children reading. helping the people. I like eating people.”

Hey, at least they tried! And now I don’t feel so bad about unintentionally saying “whore” in Bangla numerous times in a van full of men.

Classes start tomorrow! Wish me luck! Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do.


5 thoughts on “ESL Students Say the Darndest Things

  1. Hi Angela: This is Steve Mapel. I am in your dad’s Bible Study class at Central Baptist in Newnan. He sent me a note about your blog a few weeks ago. I am glad he did. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Good luck with your blocks!

    • Hi Steve! Nice to “meet” you. Thanks for the kind words. It’s so nice to get comments that aren’t just from my Dad. ; ) He really is my biggest fan … I’m a lucky daughter. Hope you’re surviving the Georgia summer. Best wishes to you!

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