Where in the World Have I Been?

People often ask me if I’m married or have a boyfriend. Instead of saying, no, I’ve decided to say, “Yes, and his name is Adventure.”

It’s now been about 5 months since my last post, but I’ve got a good excuse for not writing: I’ve been too busy with my boyfriend, Adventure!

Here’s a quick recap of the past five months:

January – A month-long vacation away from the cold of Korea and into the tropical heat of Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. Posts and pictures to come about near monkey attacks, hot air balloon rides, favorite places and more.

February – Finished my second teaching contract in Korea, packed up and moved away from beautiful Jeju island. Then did a weeklong solo tour of Kyoto. LOVED that city. Posts/pictures to come.

March – Went back to Thailand to volunteer for a week at the Elephant Nature Park, then spent four weeks near Chiang Mai getting my CELTA certification. Posts/pictures to come.

April – Successfully completed the CELTA and almost immediately was hired for an amazing teaching opportunity in Bangladesh. Hung around Chiang Mai to enjoy Songkran. Then headed home – after more than a year away – to spend time with family and friends before taking off again. Posts/pictures to come.

May – Spent a lot of time packing and repacking and getting rid of stuff I don’t/won’t use (long, painful process) and lots more time with more family and friends. Posts/pictures to come.

June – Traveled to Bangladesh for my newest year-long adventure! Read my first post about that experience now.


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