Day 29: Give Someone Flowers

Twice a year there’s a big beach volleyball tournament on Jeju to raise money for a local charity. A bunch of foreigners and some Koreans, too, get together for two days of camping, eating, drinking, and of course, volleyball. Normally, I just go to the tournament to hang out and support my friends, but this time, I was on a team.

The tournament was on the other side of the island, so I left my house at 6:15 a.m. on Saturday morning, camped Saturday night and didn’t get home until 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. Obviously, this means I had to complete both the Day 28 and Day 29 challenges while participating in the tournament.

As planned, the entire weekend involved picking up lots of trash and helping to clean the beach in the spirit of Day 28. For Day 29, it involved picking flowers.

The day’s events made it difficult to go to a florist and buy a big bouquet of proper flowers, but Jeju’s landscape made it easy to stop and gather a tiny bouquet of wild ones. (Not the ones in the picture. That’s a photo from last summer. I failed to take a photo for this challenge, but the bouquet was yellow and lavender. Close enough, right?)

As I picked them, I imagined I would give them to my dear friend Rachael. She’s always a ray of sunshine in everyone’s world, and I knew she would be delighted to receive the simple gift.

That was my intention, but that’s not what happened.

As I was searching for Rachael, I noticed another friend sitting on the beach, keeping score for one of the games. As soon as I saw her, I knew Rachael wouldn’t be getting the bouquet. (Sorry, Rach!)

This other friend has had the most hellish few months of anyone I know. Numerous heartbreaking things have happened to her and the people she loves, and I just wanted to give her a little moment of beauty and sunshine. So I sat down next to her, handed her the flowers and told her just that. I hope it helped.

And I hope this challenge allowed you to lift the spirits of someone in your world.

Oh, and if you were wondering … no, nobody gave me flowers, but that’s okay with me. ; )


5 thoughts on “Day 29: Give Someone Flowers

  1. This challenge came on the day we were to provide the refreshments for the hospitality fellowship after church. I cut a hydrangea and some gardenias from our garden to add to the arrangement that Nancy had made from the hydrangeas I had cut and given to her previously. So, I gave YoM flowers. She gave those same flowers to everyone to enjoy at the hospitality gathering. Mission accomplished!

    (Angela, if I could have, I would have loved to give you some flowers too.)

    • Aww. Thanks. You do know florists deliver, right? JUST KIDDING!

      Actually your story reminds me of a nice moment. We were in San Francisco, I think for Dorothy’s funeral. You, Erin (who was no older than 6) and I were standing in Susie’s backyard. You pointed to a hydrangea and told Erin its name. She replied with, “Hi! Drangea.”

      Every time I hear the flower’s name, I think of that moment and smile. I usually say, “Hi! Drangea,” also, which confuses the people around me, but oh well. =)

      • That’s where I got that phrase! We were somewhere in Europe with Jere and Sue Ann, driving. Lots of houses had hydrangeas in the garden. As we passed by, I would say, Hi Drangea, Bye Drangea. After awhile, Sue Ann started to mimic me. I guess all the credit goes to Erin, a true Jacobus

  2. Ok, so I’m late in my response, and although I didn’t give someone flowers per say, I did exercise my black thumbs and replanted some hibiscus for my mom. I’m not naturally a gardener and don’t particularly like it, but I love me some tropical plants. The hibiscus my mom had was in a pot far too small and desperately needed to spread its wings. It was dying a slow, painful death, and I wanted to save it. So, I dusted off my garden tools and bought some dirt and replanted it. Green leaves are sprouting from the withered stems already, so hopefully, I saved a life, and (somewhat) followed the task for the day. 🙂

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