Day 28: Volunteer

Like the Day-23 massage challenge, volunteering requires some planning, so if you aren’t able to volunteer today, then use this challenge to figure out when and where you can donate your time in the near future. The experience could be one of the most unique and rewarding memories you make this year.

Get creative with the challenge. You can do anything. One of my friends recently went on climbing expedition to band baby golden eagles. I was seriously jealous when I saw her photos.

When I lived in Oregon, I helped rehabilitate a large number of baby seals that had been washing up on the beach that year.


Pumpkin, a Pacific Harbor seal pup I met at the North Coast Marine Mammal Center, 2009.

Volunteer opportunities are endless. There’s no excuse not to do it. 

If you really want to do something today, I can think of at least one easy way to volunteer without any planning: Get a big trash bag and head down to the nearest beach or park or whatever and help clean it up.

That’s what I’m planning to do. It just so happens that I’ll be playing in a charity beach volleyball tournament all weekend. The tournament attendees are expected to gather — and sort — all the trash we create, but judging from the abundance of litter I see in Korea, there will be much more trash than ours to collect.

If you’re afraid you’ll look like a criminal doing community service, read this article my friend recently wrote about a group of kids in San Diego. Their commitment to improving their environment is admirable and should motivate us all. If you’re in their area, please support them. If you’re not, let them serve as inspiration to organize your own cleanup efforts.

Now, tell me, how do you plan to volunteer?

That does it for Day 28. We’re in the home stretch! Only two more challenges to go!

Day 29: Give/send someone flowers.
Day 30: Tell me about your favorite experience during the challenge. If you’re up for a REAL challenge, see how many of the month’s tasks you can accomplish in a single day. Then, smile big and take a self-portrait.


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Volunteer

  1. This weekend is the first of our all volunteer summer church. We spent a good bit of time getting things set up for the new season. Nancy volunteered to provide the refreshments for the hospitality time after the service. It will be a volunteer commitment for the entire summer for us. Oh yeah, we volunteered to get things set up for a wedding next weekend. That should be fun, since we will have a houseful of people coming in the next day! Volunteering is somewhat of a way of life after retirement.

  2. Volunteering….. We did a before challenge day volunteering with our dance ballroom, Allegro, to raise funds in support of the disaster in Japan. Then just before we headed for Mexico, I spotted a request from our local blood bank asking for volunteers. We’ll see if they responded to my e-mail when we get home.

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