Day 26: Watch the Sunrise

When my alarm went off at 5 a.m., I opened my eyes and saw nothing but white, misty fog. I briefly considered getting up and taking a photo of it, but then decided that Mother Nature clearly did not want me to get up early this morning, so I fell back asleep.

I will try again, though, because I really do want to witness a sunrise after a full night’s sleep rather than accidentally seeing it because I stayed up all night.


5 thoughts on “Day 26: Watch the Sunrise

  1. It was a strange sequence of events. Yesterday we had a water line repaired. In the process, they nicked the phone line and knocked out the internet. Last night, we watched final episode of American Idol. By the time it was over, it was too late to get into something else, so we just went to bed. That meant we were about an hour earlier than usual. That caused Molly to be ready for her morning stroll earlier than usual. So now, I am up and out of bed earlier than my normal time. I realized immediately that this would allow me to view the sunrise, so I was not unhappy.
    I checked the sky during Molly’s stroll. It looked kind of gray. I was worried that we’d have an overcast morning, obscuring the sunrise. Back in the house I fed Molly, went through the morning medicine routine and settled into my recliner to see what I could see of the sunrise. I wanted to check the weather report and the official sunrise time, but we still had no internet. I was clueless about the actual time for sunrise.
    The sky was still gray, but it was getting lighter. Surely it can’t take this long for the sun to come up? I’d been up nearly an hour in the pre dawn light and it must be past time for the sun to show itself. I decided to go outside and get a better look. Once I was clear of the trees, I could see patches of blue among the morning clouds. Maybe I would get a sunrise after all.
    The birds were singing and it was getting brighter, but still no sun. I looked across the golf course, over the pond, above the trees to a spot where one cloud was beginning to get very bright. It was silver at first, and then it turned to a burning, almost painfully bright white. About this time, a goose began to honk continuously. Finally, the sun rose above the cloud and cast its unfiltered light over the earth. The goose continued to honk. It seemed as though the goose was celebrating the day with the only song it knew. Honk, honk, honk, honk.
    My thoughts turned to the Bible verse I recite each morning as I step outside. “This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I really think the goose was rejoicing at the day, happy that the sun had risen. I walked back to the house feeling very blessed that I had met today’s challenge.

  2. OK…. So we thought we would see a great sunrise over the mountains and shiny on the bay. But all we saw was fog and haze from early dark until around 10:30 when it started burring away. It was a nice break from the everyday sun of the week.

    • Yes, clouds and fog have thwarted my efforts to see the sunrise … and a big mountain standing between me and it. There’s a place called Sunrise Peak on the island where I’d like to go to see the sunrise. If the weather is nice, I’ll try that soon.

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