It’s Your Turn

If you’ve been following each day, you’ve noticed I’m a bit behind on posting. Things are busy, busy, busy, and I haven’t had the time or energy to write proper updates. I’m at the point in the challenge where I’m finding it difficult to write every day and still have a life outside my own head and computer screen.

Because I’m a person who strives for balance, I’m letting myself take a short break from posting so I can actually participate in my social life. (What a concept!) But I’m still doing the challenges, and I know lots of you are, too.

PLEASE, if you have the time, go to your favorite challenge thus far and add a comment to share your experience with me. I would really love it. (And I’d like to say “Thanks!” to my father and uncle for always posting. You guys are great.)

Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “It’s Your Turn

  1. Since it is day 21, I had to find something to wear that made me feel attractive. YoM gave me some Rock and Tone shoes by New Balance. They are supposed to tone your legs and your rear end as you walk. So, I wore them on our daily stroll, knowing I was looing good with my well toned legs and buns of steel! At our evening social, I chose a shirt that was loose at the waist because I knew I would not look nearly as pregnant as I do when I wear something that has to be tucked in. It made me feel so much more attractive. I just love challenges that involve clothing–not!

  2. Well today’s challenge was quite appropriate for us. We were volunteers at our non-profit dance organization, Allegro, today. The event was a dancing benefit to raise money to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Yes, we did get to do some dancing as well as work the event. This was a natural for dressing up and feeling good in our finery:).

    And Tom, since when did you need new shoes to be a hard ass? …. 🙂

  3. Oh yea, almost forgot to post the compliment / appreciation for the acknowledgement. Thanks Angela. This has been a rewarding exercise.

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