Day 19: Go to the Library

There’s something both soothing and stimulating about bookstores and libraries. I think it’s the quiet combined with the endless possibilities waiting behind each cover.

Here in Korea, however, the experience isn’t quite the same because, as it turns out, it’s not so fun to hang out with books you can’t read.

I did some research on local libraries to find one that seemed somewhat interesting. I figured if I couldn’t read the books, at least I could enjoy the environment. That’s when I learned about Halla Library. In addition to being beautiful, it has English books! Unfortunately, the library is about an hour’s drive away, and the English section closes at 6 p.m., so I didn’t have time to make it there after school.

Luckily, I then heard about a children’s library located near my apartment. It’s called the Miracle Library because it was built using only donations. I was intrigued, so I decided to check it out.

If I were a kid, I would hang out this library all the time. It’s really small, but the architecture is playful and artistic, and there’s a large playground outside.

But since I’m not a kid, I felt a little out of place. I walked around self-consciously for a bit before stopping at the display of oversized English books. I began reading through them, hoping to get ideas for my after school class. One book was especially engaging, but about half way through, something went awry. A page had been torn out and taped back in the wrong order, which completely messed up the story.

I took the book to the woman at the front desk and used my excellent miming skills to explain the problem. After about five minutes, she understood, thanked me and fixed it. And with my good deed done, I decided it was time to leave.

Of course, now my desire to feel the soothing stimulation of a room full of (English) books has been heightened. Looks like I’ll need to take a trip to Halla library soon.

Did you make it to a library today?

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3 thoughts on “Day 19: Go to the Library

  1. When I go to the library, it is not to read nor check out a conventional book. We have gotten hooked on books on CD. I copy them into itunes, then sync them to my ipod. With all the driving we do, we play them one the car radio. It makes for pleasurable trip. Since the selection of books on CDs is somewhat limited, we’ve listened to some things we would probably never read. For example, we listened to “Imperfect Birds” by Anne Lamont. It is the story of California family dealing with a drug addicted daughter. I didn’t think I’l enjoy it, but it drew me in and I got totally absorbed in the story. A friend gave me “The Snowball”, which is the biography of Warren Buffett. I’d probably not read that one either, but it was great to listen to while spending hours driving. We’ve listened to scores of books this way and been exposed to viewpoints far different from our own. It has been very broadening. Because of today’s challenge, I finished copying the last three disks of “Fall of Giants”, which is the first of a trilogy by Ken Follett. I’ll return it to the library today and meet the challenge. It was 24 CDs, so that should keep us entertained for awhile. Of course, we have to finish “Handle With Care” first. That book really has us hooked. So Angela, even though your dad doesn’t read too many books anymore, in my old age I’m finally learning to listen.

  2. I’m withTom on the library experience. But I’m not so advanced yet. It has been fun to download e-books and audiobooks. But there is something about the comfort of flipping through some pages that still seems user friendly.
    I was very resistant to try this challenge for some reason. Probably because so much material is so easily available. But on reflection, I have always enjoyed my library visits. There are many pleasant memories from pouring through stories found during browsing sessions. And yes, our trips have been more pleasant with books on CD that were checked out from the library. It will be worth the visit, if just for a moment, to our local library. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll discover how to better support our underfunded libraries, or discover another talk that I’d like to hear.

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