Day 11: Eat Only Healthy Food

What does “healthy food” mean to you?

Years ago, health food was associated with bland flavors and textures and a denial of all things satisfying. I remember when rice cakes were THE diet food. Then, when the Atkins Diet became all the rage, rice cakes and their carbs were kicked to the curb. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to question the long-term health effects of such an extreme diet, and something new came along to replace it, and something came along to replace that and so on and so on. 

As ideas about diet and nutrition change and evolve, so does the list of healthy foods. Avocados, for example, were once on the naughty list until someone realized their fat was good fat. Thank God!

So let me ask again. What does “healthy food” mean to you? Does it mean denying yourself of all the things you crave? Or does it mean tasty goodness that makes you feel vital and fit?

For me, it’s something in between. I’m happy eating a bowl of cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes for dinner. I’m also happy eating a huge plate of cheese fries with ranch. I know I could have a much healthier diet than I do, but then I wouldn’t enjoy eating as much, and there’s just no point in that.

But for today’s challenge, I did make a few sacrifices: No soda, no cheese, no ice cream. Instead, I bought some fresh strawberries for dessert. I considered nibbling on some dark chocolate, but stopped myself because it seemed too indulgent. Then I read this: “Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries).”

Guess what I did next.

What did you cut out of your diet today? Whatever it was, you can have tons of it tommorrow!

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Eat ANYTHING You Want
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3 thoughts on “Day 11: Eat Only Healthy Food

  1. There is a lot of junk food we just can’t stomach and don’t purchase. The biggest challenge is to eat well in proportion to what the body needs. So, with a slight modification to the challenge, we are eating good, fresh, nutritious food and stopping before we feel full. Oh, yes…. One glass of wine only!

  2. Ok, the bottom line today was to carefully evaluate what food was most important. At Angela’s great suggestion it became an eat dessert first day. Wonderful organic and fairly traded very dark chocolate with 71% cacao content was the first before dinner course. To follow, we replaced the high fat Hagen Das ice cream with a healthy dollop of non-dairy organic Coconut Bliss dark chocolate frozen dessert …. “dense and silky, deeply satisfying”. Finally filled up the empty spaces with organic asparagus, yams, home grown salad makings and steamed tilapia dressed with grape seed oil, sesame oil, ginger, green onion, tamari soy and sherry. Also on the side was fresh corn on the cob. Looking forward to the next healthful meal…. Yum!

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