Day 9: Write a Poem

At first, I was looking forward to this challenge, but a busy schedule sucked the creative energy out of me and turned poem writing into a dreaded task on my to-do list.

Then I remembered that I wrote a bunch of haiku a few months back for a “Haiku Death Battle.” Yes, I live in a community of kooky, talented and funny expat English teachers where we actually participate in such things. I considered posting one of those haiku today, but that would be cheating.

I also considered throwing a bunch of random thoughts together and pretending to emulate Gertrude Stein. Here’s an example:

          AN UMBRELLA. 
          Coloring high means that the strange reason is in front not more in front behind.
          Not more in front in peace of the dot.  – From Tender Buttons

But that would be cheating, too, sort of. So this is what I came up with:

The Ninth Day
Blank page
No words
Restless mind
No ideas
Empty space

That was just too depressing, so I tried again.

Light Writing
In darkness, a beam of light
The camera captures
Words of hope written backwards

OK. It’s basically another haiku, and it only took five minutes to write, but it’s a poem and this challenge is complete! And, you know, I actually feel some creative energy returning. Hooray for poetry!

How did Day 9 go for you? Wanna share your poem with us?

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Be Kind to a Stranger
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6 thoughts on “Day 9: Write a Poem

  1. To write a poem
    takes too much time
    I’ve things to do
    The day’s too fine.

    So this assignment
    I will not take
    the yard is calling
    now where’s the rake?

  2. I’ve often loved playing with bits of language one might call poetry. Usually they are associated with a feeling, or a wish on a greeting card. Like this morning, for instance, these partially pirated lines crossed the lips:
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I awoke this morning
    Smiling at you.

    It is helpful to write something when feeling disturbed or out of sorts sometimes. While thinking of that frame of mind, this appeared on paper.

    Should I write it down?
    My deepest thoughts and feelings to be batted around?
    Who are you to know?
    What are they to you?
    My deepest thoughts and feelings,
    They’re really not about you.
    If I should ever read this,
    It’s because I want you to know
    My deepest thoughts and feelings
    Are about how I am, just so.

    It feels a bit embarrassing to hint at a personnal process that helps me connect with my deepest self, and is a aid to verbalizing a feeling that the conscious mind cannot find words to express. Needless to say, there is little editing.

  3. There once was a girl on Jeju,
    Who needed MORE fun things to do?!
    So a blog she did write,
    Much to my delight 🙂
    Dear Angela, this one’s for you!!

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