Day 2 Follow Up: Bin Laden Made This One Tough

I couldn’t have picked a more challenging day (in my time zone, at least) to avoid the news. I was busy teaching all day, so I made it ’til 3 p.m., and then I logged on to Facebook. Within a few seconds, I knew something big had happened but I wasn’t sure what. By the time I logged off, I figured it out. I still don’t know the details, but I know Bin Laden has been killed.

This challenge actually proves a theory I’ve had for a long time: When something big happens, I’ll hear about it, whether or not I regularly follow the news.

But let’s just pretend I didn’t hear the news until tomorrow, or the next day, or next week … what real difference would it make?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Day 2 Follow Up: Bin Laden Made This One Tough

  1. Ange! I was thinking of you when I saw your blog post today and wondered what would happen, but figured you would’ve seen FB. What’s interesting about it is that you still haven’t access the so-called “official news” venues like CNN and BBC. At least not directly. But still, the news travels fast. What’s fascinating is that this type of quick-spreading news is exactly what lead to revolutions in Egypt and Libya in the past few months, right?

    🙂 i love your challenge and I’ll be following it my friend.

  2. News without spin and hype would be so welcome. As to the BIG news days, one can always catch up on events; but there is a sense of participation in the history of the day when these rare days occur.

  3. I was without news for 5 days when I crossed the Atlantic on a cruise ship I got most of the important stuff immediately after arriving back in the “real world”, Lesser news, like the death of a celebrity, I didn’t find out about for weeks or even months. Important news has a fairly long life cycle. Small news passes quickly.

  4. So I’m a little behind the times with replying to this post – but I had to comment! I remember exactly where I was when I heard the ‘news’ about Bin Laden. I was at a cafe in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane Australia- an older couple were at the table a few down from me and this random young man walked past – stopped and then addressed them with excitement in his voice … ‘did you hear the news??? Bin Laden is dead! He’s been shot’ It was almost like I imagined it was in the ’40’s … Did you hear the news??? They’ve surrendered! The war is over’! I guess every generation has it’s ‘moment’ in time … CNN, CNBC, SkyNews, ABC …. they all fade into the ether…. the news itself, if it is truely news, it remains…. JFK, Monroe, MLK, Lennon…. for us in Australia, Harold Holt, Black Friday fires, 2011 floods, those moments remain with us. I remember starting to wonder if I was jinxed .. I did a few military courses which we didn’t have access to TV or papers for 2 to 4 weeks – and each course… someone died … our lives went on – the sun rose, the rain fell and our exams kept being given to us … yet a celebrity had died and we didn’t know for days, weeks…. put’s everything in perspective doesn’t it. The last celebrity to die on my course was JFK Jnr… by the time the news got to us on a sunny mid morning break 7 days after the event, the media were head and shoulders into ‘fault’, blame, guilt, innuendo, unnamed sources, close friends and allegations. It’s almost better to miss any event by at least a year – so that by then the investigation, post mortem and coroner’s report have all been conducted, completed and presented. You get the incident and the facts – all in one hit. It’s got to be a better way….

    • Seriously. One of my favorite things about no longer living in America is that I don’t have to endure the horrible, sensationalized, not-even-news news. When will people realize that all that nonsense is just a distraction from the really important things going on in the world?

      • Sooo true! I remember watching the skynews live to air with the London bombings all those years ago .. and I still to this day recall the live feed involving the journalist telling us that the Police had just moved the barrier back 10 metres. That was breaking news… the barrier holding people back from the carnage – was moved 10m. That is when I turned it off and went to bed. Sometimes it’s just so sad it’s ridiculous! Love your work and I’m looking forward to reading more of your observations! x

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